Give Super Power To Your Brain

A lot of our choices and behaviors are controlled via brain structures that function outside our conscious awareness. while these systems are extraordinarily significant to our everyday lives, they have many shortcomings. via hacking into those unconscious behavioral-manipulate systems, we are able to change our behaviors to produce elevated happiness, enhanced well-being, and advantageous outcomes.

This course applies the knowledge of cognitive systems to a wide variety of topics: procrastination, bad habits, dieting, sleep, phobias, depression, creativity, multitasking, persuasion techniques, anger, love, happiness, and the aging brain.

This course explores in depth the brain systems that mediate our emotions and considers how you can maintain and improve your close relationships to increase the love in your life.

This course adopts a skeptical, scientific perspective throughout. Each year, the self-help industry produces thousands of books filled with tips about how to boost your brain performance and achieve happiness.